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From the Chief Judge

Judge Training will be on August 18, 2018 at Lakewood High School from 3-8 p.m. 
Dinner will be provided for all participants.

2018 State Championships Judge Panel

Music Judges:

Rick Shaw Colorado (1A-3A)

Jack Yonce Colorado (1A-3A)

Clay Stansberry Colorado (1A-3A)

Ward Durrett Colorado (1A-3A)

Paul McGarr    Toronto, Canada (4A/5A)

Chip Crotts Georgia (4A/5A)

Phil Haines      Nevada (4A/5A)

Ashley Jarrell Georgia (4A/5A)

Nick Williams Texas (4A/5A) 


Visual Judges:

Greg Llacer        Massachusets (1A-3A)

Paul Lampkin   New York (1A-3A, 4A/5A)

William Chumley Colorado (1A-3A)

Adam Sage Florida (4A/5A)

Christine Clayton Oregon (4A/5A)

Mike Tarr Michigan (4A/5A)

On this page, you can find tips from judges, updates from the CBA Chief Judge, and sample copies of CBA's adjudication sheets for your reference.

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