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A Message to all Directors, Students and Parents


      The Colorado Bandmasters Association has been concerned for student health and safety within the instrumental music activity since the Covid-19 pandemic began this past spring. CBA has been communicating with CHSAA, BOA/Music for All, organizations from other states as well as following communications from the Governor’s office, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the CDC, and directives from various school districts around the State of Colorado.


     CBA has been working to determine what options are available to CBA for the fall marching band season. Those options included having normal marching band events, having marching band events without spectators, having virtual marching band events, sending judges to schools to evaluate marching bands, having non-competitive or exhibition marching band events or, finally, canceling the entire marching season. It was determined that the only option that ensures the health and safety of students, directors, band staff, event workers and judges is cancellation.


     Only July 7, 2020 the Colorado Bandmasters Association Marching Committee voted to cancel the fall 2020 Marching Band Season. This includes all marching band clinics, independent contests, CBA Regionals and CBA State Championships.


     In conjunction with this decision, The Friendship Cup marching events will also be cancelled.


     As sad as the cancellation of the marching band season feels to each of us it certainly is not a death knell for instrumental music. This will provide an opportunity for all of us to seek new ideas, activities, instructional processes that will enhance the growth of instrumental music education.


     Students making music together has always been the goal of CBA whether that is achieved through concert band, jazz band, small ensembles or marching band.

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