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The Colorado Bandmasters Association believes that marching band is just one aspect of
a quality high school band program. The marching band should be based upon
educationally sound music principals of individual musicianship, ensemble music
performance as well as the visual elements of movement, choreography, and drama.

The role of competition is to provide an educational tool to help develop musicianship,
self-motivation, group discipline and the learning of life lessons. Competition holds all
accountable for their role in education. It also provides the opportunity for students,
directors, staff and parents to celebrate those who achieve the highest levels of
musicianship and artistry.

It is important to keep competition in perspective with the responsibility of
directors/staff to educate the students. When these objectives are not the primary
goals of a program then marching band ceases to be educationally valid. While CBA will
not approve, reject, or censure program content, it is expected that all shows will be in
good taste and respect students, schools, and the CBA audience.

The Colorado Bandmasters Association seeks to provide marching band events for
students and directors that will enhance their competitive experience with quality
judging and performance venues.

October 27&28, 2023  4A/5A
Falcon Stadium, USAFA

October 30, 2023  1A/2A/3A
Thunderbowl Stadium, CSU-Pueblo

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